KB Rotor

A Revolutionary Way To Reduce Engine Vibrations & Give You a Smoother Ride

KB Rotor

A Revolutionary Way To Reduce Engine Vibrations & Give You a Smoother Ride

Reduce Engine Vibration Up To 50%

The KB (Kounter Balancing) Rotor reduces engine vibrations in 2007-2016 Harley Davidson ® Big Twin A Engines. It provides counterbalance to the crankshaft via the alternator rotor resulting in a much smoother ride.

Eliminate crankshaft balancing

At highway speeds a Big Twin’s RPM’s are much higher than those used during the balancing process.

Save big $$

Instead of spending over $1,500 for crankshaft balancing and tuning, smooth out your bike at an affordable price!

End compensator frustrations

With the addition of a KB Rotor you can change to a solid sprocket and finally say, “Good-bye” to aggravating compensator issues.

KB Rotor Performance

The KB Rotor was tested with the same diagnostic equipment used to balance airplane props, helicopter rotors, turbine veins, and jet engines.

The results showed a conclusive reduction in engine vibrations (oscillations measured in inch per second).

The test was conducted on a 2012 Road Glide 103C1

Why Harley Davidson® Motorcycles Use A Compensator

I worked for a Harley Davidson® dealer in the 1970’s. The lead mechanic informed me compensators were installed in order to prevent spinning shafts in the left-hand flywheel and shearing a key as the left-hand flywheel was heavier than the right-hand flywheel.

In the late 1970’s Harley Davidson® discovered the compensator prevented pre-ignition. Then in the early 1980’sA rubber-mounted compensator was also used without success on the “Sturgis” line without much success.

Year Model
Crank Type
'56 - '64
5 piece crank
'65 - '69
5 piece crank
'70 - '71
5 piece crank
'72 - '81
5 piece crank
'81 - '85
5 piece crank
4 piece crank
'87 (and up)
3 piece crank

Tech Tips

Since the KB Rotor only works with solid sprockets, the compensator on 2007-2013 models can be welded and converted into a solid sprocket. See the before and after images below.

Before: Stock Sprocket

After: Welded Sprocket

Don't Get "Stonehinged"

Install a solid sprocket to eliminate getting “stonehinged.”
Add a KB Rotor to smooth out your ride.

KB Rotor Installation

Installation of the KB Rotor is so simple that within 2 hours a novice with an impact wrench can do it!

Download the instructions below.

Hit The Open Road

Smooth out your ride. Add the KB Rotor to your bike today!

KB Rotor

Models: Big Twin A Engines

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